Christmas Trees Cut Your Own

Spruce Run Tree Farm

Canaan Fir

The needles on this Fir are short, dark green or bluish green and soft to the touch. It has a citrus fragrance when crushed and has very good needle retention.

Concolor Fir

Needles are soft, long and bluish-green. There is a pleasing citrus aroma to this tree. This tree has good needle retention.

Fraser Fir Needles are dark-green with a silvery appearance on the underside. Hardy tree with a strong aroma able to hold heavy ornaments.

Balsam Fir

Blue Spruce

The needles on this Spruce are short and stiff, silvery blue to green. It lacks a citrus fragrance when crushed and has very good fair needle retention.


Needles are short and its shape forms a soft feathery appearance with a nice, dark green color and a silvery cast. This tree has a very strong citrus aroma and excellent needle retention.

Meyeri Spruce

Excellent needle retention, blue-green in color. Needles not as sharp and branches more flexible than Blue Spruce.

Serbian Spruce

Needles are light-green and densely packed. A hardy tree with natural narrow shape/